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Long time no see guys! What'ca doing?
I know, i know i have promised i will come back soon.
But please, i am really sorry (again) that i haven't posted anything here.
That's because all the bloggers were disappear so i decided to not post something awkward-messy-like post.
Ok, we better change the topic...

Anyway, How's life after the exams? It feels good right? Haha, i know there's something more scary than exams.. *awkwardly laugh
But, hey! a long holiday waiting you! Christmas.. New year.. it will be amazing!
What are you thinking about 2014? Glad? Curious? 

For me, it will be really strange.. I mean, there will be a lot unexpected things happen like passing the class.., New classmates.. and more important..  it's birthday! No, not about the gifts. It's about we will be grow up! Ah.., i don't like being a teenager, i love my childhood so much *hug everyones here There's so much things i am still don't have it. Idk, i am not really understand about boyfriend, people who hates each-other but pretending it's nothing or something like that. I am still wanna playing!!! *rolling on bed But i know, i can't turn back the time again *sigh God, i can't believe  i want to  grow up fast when i was little.. Anyway, now i have wishlist at my bedroom! The wishlist who can makes my days great! Pretty late,huh? Please don't say like that.. *covers my face Do you wanna peek? Ok, it will be terrifying so i will keep it like a secret. *trollface

Ah, i am so hungry now My whole family will come back at midnight.. I think there's some ice cream and chips in refrigrator.. *leaves without responsibility


This is Nio talking with you.
Thank you for dropping by here
I hope you guys enjoy this blog.

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